UncategorizedCan Play Violent Video Game Lead to Children’s Aggressive Behaviour?

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Can Play Violent Video Game Lead to Children’s Aggressive Behaviour?

Can Play Violent Video Game Lead to Children’s Aggressive Behaviour?

Jocelyn Liu

There has long been a relationship between television violence and aggression in children’s conduct, with youngsters who watch television violence displaying more aggressive behaviour as a result. Schutte and his colleagues set an experiment in 1988 to examine if children’s aggressiveness and other behaviours can cause by play violent video game.

In addition, Shao and Wang (2019) investigated the adolescent’s usage of violent video games and aggressive behaviour to see if  social norms regarding violence and family situation had a mitigated mediation impact on adolescent aggressiveness and exposure to violent video games. According to the data, there was a strong positive association between teenage aggressiveness and engagement to violent video games. In addition, two Germany researcher used a longitudinal analyses evidenced that violent video game use can predict physical aggression 30 months later (Moller & Krahe, 2009).


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